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Kaolin Technologies

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What we offer

We believe that technology does not restrict artistry.

We believe in smooth collaboration and qualitative craftsmanship.

We are artisans before contractors and people before businesspeople. And customers appreciate this.

Our developers work in the heart of Transylvania, using modern technologies like Python (Django, Flask) and PHP (Laravel, Symfony). Our services include technical content management and technical consultancy. We collaborate with customers from the US and Europe to create high-quality, pure software solutions. Although our company is young and fresh, our skills were forged in technical battles long ago. Yet we still look at new opportunities with optimism.

We are passionate about our work and driven by our standards, so expect smart questions, hard work, and dedication. But, most of all, expect us to be open and friendly. We make our customers smile. And that is pure software.


Călina Cenan

Founder & Backend Developer

Cristina Gogoneață

Chief of Operations & Accounting Manager

Our customers

OCEAN Protocol

A protocol of tools to publish, discover, and consume data assets in a secure, privacy-preserving fashion. Buy and sell data privately using blockchain technology. [Python/Flask]


Online Payment Portal for DTA. Includes database import/export, Stripe integration and payment management, data validation, email notifications. [PHP/Laravel]

PACE Analytics

Management tool for US green energy companies to manage financial debt of customers. Includes reporting, payment quote generation, payment schedule calculations, micro-framework for showing entities etc. [PHP/Laravel]